World Kidney Day Observed at SIUT

Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) organized a day long program to mark World Kidney Day where public education and awareness about kidney relates diseases was disseminated. The theme of the day for this year was "Kidney Health for All"

Doctors and related specialists were present at SIUT, who provided expert advice to visiting public. Pathological investigations and medical tests along with health screening concerning kidney diseases was carried out. As always all treatment and medical consultation were provided free of cost.

Medical experts pointed out a variety of factors that contribute to kidney disorders and other ailments. Prominent amongst the factors included poor water hygiene, inadequate hydration, unhealthy choice of food, and beverages.

Diseases like obesity, hypertension and diabetes were also identified as main contributing factors causing disorders of kidney.

Over 600 persons representing from various walks of life visited the SIUT to avail the facilities and obtained medical advice. The facilities which were offered included ultrasound examination of kidney, pathological screening, advisory service of physicians and dieticians. Prominent nephrologists assisted by medical experts from other related medical sciences were also present there to provide expert opinion.