World Kidney Day Observed at SIUT Centers

Like elsewhere "World Kidney Day" was also observed at SIUT in a befitting manner. The topic of this year edition was "Kidney Diseases and Children" .

Taking part in a symposium medical experts underlined the importance of creating awareness in the society towards the growing trend of kidney disorder particularly among children.

They made a call to take immediate "preventive steps" and protect the children in particular from kidney ailments.

Nephrologist and urologists pointed out that according to an estimate some 10 per cent of world population were facing some form of kidney disorder which underscores the urgent need to raise awareness about the dangers of disease down the road ahead.

To highlight the significance of the day and create awareness the SIUT had arranged a day long exercise of medical screening in four locations including SIUT Dewan Farooq Medical Centre Karachi, Ibrahim Hyderi Village Korangi, Siraj Ahmed Village Kathore and Yousuf Lakho Abad Village in Sukkur for the benefit of general public. Medical investigations like blood and urine testing a dietary habits and blood pressure were carried out. More than two thousand people visited for medical screening.

The speakers addressing the specially arranged meeting at these centres urged the civil society, health decision makers and media professionals to come forward and supplement the efforts to combat kidney related issues.