World Diabetes Day

Like elsewhere in the world the WORLD DIABETES DAY was also celebrated at Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation November 14th has been declared as the World Diabetes Day. In order to generate public awareness about the disease and remedial measures.

Diabetes, has acquired an epidemic form with 400 million people suffering from it the world over. This figure is steadily rising and is estimated to reach 592 million by 2035. It is also speculated that 80 percent of these people will belong to the developing countries like Pakistan. These views were expressed by Dr Fatema Jawad, Consultant Diabetologist SIUT, while moderating the event.

This day pays tributes to Sir Frederick Banting, the discoverer of Insulin as he was born on 14th November.

The theme this year is “Healthy Living with Diabetes” which focuses on a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Diet begins with a healthy breakfast, the most important meal of the day. To keep all the blood chemistry in normal ranges, the breakfast should be early and have sufficient proteins, carbohydrates and fiber. This provides the energy for a successful day’s work.

Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation has a policy of not only providing free quality services to the masses but also to educate the public on various diseases and disorders and their prevention. World Diabetes Day is one of the awareness programs of SIUT. The people who had come in large numbers received a free screening of blood glucose test along with their vitals such as Blood Pressure, Weight and Estimation of obesity. They were

provided expert advice and also given instructions on making their health better.

This was followed by an interactive panel session between the audience comprising of men, women and children from all walks of life and doctors from different specialties as diabetologists, cardiologist, pediatrician, nephrologist, urologist and eye specialist. Questions on all aspects of diabetes were put up which were answered by the experts. The panelists from SIUT included Dr Zafar Hussain Urologist, Dr Fazal Akhtar Adult Nephrologist, Dr Fatema Jawad Diabetologist, Dr Ali Asghar Lanewalla Pediatric Nephrologist, Dr Abida Parveen Gastro-Hepato Biliary Surgeon, Dr Abbas Ali Tasneem Gastroenterologist, Dr Fatima Ali Ophthalmologist, Dr Shoaib Sultan Cardiologist and Ms Kehkashan Zehra Dietician.