World Diabetes Day 2018

With number of people suffering from diabetes in the country doubling, experts have stressed the need to create awareness among the masses about the symptoms, causes and effects of this chronic condition.

Taking part in a seminar which comprised of day long activities of the World Diabetes Day organized by SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation) here on Monday, prominent physicians and specialists who deal with patients of diabetes disclosed that till previous year, the number of patients suffering from diabetes in the region including Pakistan was 39 million but experts felt that the number of suffering patients is increasing. They said it may touch over 80 million marks in next two decades. Rapid increase was described as “alarming”.

The theme of this year was” Family and Diabetes".

Quoting the global figure, the speakers pointed out that number of patients at the end of previous year was over 400 million but the increase at global level is also high. During a question answer session, SIUT team of physicians headed by Dr Fatema Jawad, exchanged information with visitors. She said risk of diseases like kidney failure; stroke, heart ailments, vascular malfunctioning, gangrene and fatty liver are few of the ailments caused by diabetes. She called for adopting healthy life style, regular monitoring and awareness education as few measures to prevent and counter the disease.

A large number of people visited SIUT where elaborate arrangements were made to provide them information and education about the disease. On the spot pathological laboratory tests and screening were carried out.

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