Volunteer Program

At SIUT, we work hard to live-up to your expectations and accomplish our goals of providing free treatment to all. Become a volunteer and lend us a hand!

People like you form our diverse team of adult and student volunteers. Our volunteers generously contribute their time, talents and skills to enhance the care, and provide service and support to our patients.

Role of Volunteers:

Enhance the care provided to our patients Improve our patients' quality of life and help to make their hospital experience a more positive one Provide supplementary service by supporting staff Engage the community in the life of the hospital.)

Student Volunteer Program

SIUT runs a bi-annual Student Volunteer Program for students in grades 9th, 10th and their final year of O' Levels. The goal of SIUT's volunteer program is to incorporate a sense of social responsibility and education on introductory volunteer training to Pakistani youth. The program involves series of tours, workshops and lectures delivered by medical professionals. Other activities include interactive sessions such as watching films on current health and bioethics issues such as Organ Trade and Ethics and Culture in Medicine. Each activity is followed by lively discussions where students voice their opinions and got a chance to reflect on the themes presented to them