Urology Weekly Activities

15 Nov 2022

Tumor Board Meeting

Case Presentation

Presenter: Dr. Farzeen, Dr. Ab Rafay, Dr. Ab Qayyum, Dr. Kaushar

Moderator: Dr Najeeb Naimatullah

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15 Nov 2022

Lecturer Forum

Topic: Management of Pheochromocytoma


Presenter: Dr. Madiha

Moderator: Dr. Jawahir Lal

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Sept 2021


Guest Lecture

Topic: Role of PET Scan in Modern Urology

Speaker: Dr. Rashid ul Ameen s

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17 Nov 2022

Core Urology Session

Infections in Urology

Topic: Microbiology of Genitourinary tract

Presenter: Presenter: Dr. Yumna Safdar

Facilitator: Dr. Faisal Hanif & Moderator: Dr. Farag

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