Urology Weekly Activities

21 Sept 2021

Tumor Board Meeting

Case Presentation

Presenter: Dr Abdul Raheem, Dr Faisal Haneef, Dr M.Khalid, Dr Najeeb-ullah

Moderator: Dr. Najeeb Naimatullah

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21 Sept 2021

Lecturer Forum

Point of Technique

Case Discussion

Presenter: Dr Mohsin

Moderator : Dr Naveed Mahar

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August 2021

BLS Course

Participant: Urology Residents

Supervise by: Dr Fakhir Raza

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23 Sep 2021

Core Urology Lecture

Management of male related infertility

TURED, Vasectomy and Vaso-vaostomy, Assisted reproductive techniques, Adoption

Presenter: Dr Muhammad Naseem

Moderator: Dr Riaz Laghari

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