Urology Weekly Activities

28 Juna 2022

Tumor Board Meeting

Case Presentation

Presenter: Dr. Arsalan Shah (Sr), Dr. Ahmed Rasheed, Dr. Bikalpa

Moderator: Dr Najeeb Naimatullah

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28 June 2022

Invited Lecture

Topic: Role of Nuclear Medicine in Urology

Speaker: Prof. Akhtar Ahmed



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24 Dec 2021

SIUT - Urology Roundtable

Guest Lecture

Topic: BMG Urethroplasty

Presenter: Dr Khushal Karki (SIUT-Alumnus

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30 June 2022

Core Urology Session

Renal Transplantation

Topic: Early post-transplant management and complications

Presenter: Dr. Ihsan-ul-allah

Moderator: Dr. Usman Qamar

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