SIUT achieved another milestone in its illustrious history by establishing the country’s first dedicated Transplant Centre. The Centre one of its kind is established with the generous donation of Suleman Dawood's family and personal efforts of Bashir Dawood.

Professor Faisal Shaheen, Director General of Saudi Centre for Organ Transplantation who came all the way from Saudi Arabia inaugurated the Centre.

The Centre will deal with delicate organs like liver, intestine, pancreas, bone marrow and cornea Built on an area of 250,000 sq. ft the Centre is a 14 story building in a period of four years at an estimated cost of Rs 1.5 billion. The Centre is a 100 bed facility with integrated facilities like transplant wards, ICUs, pre transplant unit, donor ward, out patient's clinic, radiology, state of the art modern operation thereat, rehabilitation centre, where the SIUT can manage all transplant activities under one roof.

The ultimate goal of the newly constructed "Transplant Centre is to enhance the transplant activities in the country and give a new dimension to overall activities of the SIUT where all treatment is provided free of cost.