Patients suffering from acute renal failure can be best treated by transplantation. The transplantation in case of organ failure is two types:-

  • The Living Donor: After tissue typing and pre-transplant checkups of both the donor and recipient. The donor has to be a family member to donate his/her organ.
  • Deceased Donor: In case of brain death if the patient on the ventilator has pledged to donate his/her organs, then with permission of the family members, the patients' organs are transplanted to a recipient. There are thousands of people waiting for a deceased organ in Pakistan. One pledge can save up to 8 lives.

SIUT is a pioneer institution for introducing transplant technology in the country. SIUT has successfully performed over 5500 transplants. With all the transplant patients being served medicines, post checkups, dietary charts and surveillance.

SIUT developed the program in 1980's as a response to the dire and growing need of patients that could not afford the lifesaving treatment. Pakistan is a country where 70 percent of the population is living below poverty line and in a situation like this even the basic health is a luxury and any specialized medical care is an elusive dream, leave alone free of cost.