Efforts to promote medical sciences in remote parts stressed

Addressing a seminar organized in the third major city of Sindh as a part of 40 years celebration Professor Adib Rizvi underlined the needs to accelerate activities of basic medical sciences in remote parts of the province.

He reminded that establishment of SIUT's Chablani Mdical Center of Sukkur which was established some four years ago was basically aimed to cater the needs of population living in far flung areas.r Rizvi said he would like to see that activities in the field ofsic medical science may flourish in Sukkur in the days to come.

The seminar was addressed by medical experts who had come from various parts of the world to attend SIUT's international symposium.

He also highlighted how organ donation program which can new lease of life to patients who are at terminal stages, He underlined the need public awareness at all level can help to promote this noble cause. Professor Naqi Zafar of SIUT also briefed the members of the visiting team about those medical issues which are confronted the patients suffering from renal disorders.