In addition to state of the art health care, the SIUT is committed to the training of postgraduates, doctors, medical technologists and nursing staff to meet service needs. education in medicine and is given great importance at SIUT. Research has been an integral part of education and training since the inception of SIUT. The first research paper on the study on 400 cases of stone disease was published in JPMA (Journal Pakistan Medical Association) as early as 1975.

Postgraduate Training at SIUT

The emphasis on training and teaching has been paramount and practiced since the early seventies. In 80’s SIUT initiated research degrees of Master of Surgery (MS) and Doctor of Medical (MD) programme with the collaboration of Karachi University and the first master in surgery was certified in 1984. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan recognized the institute for fellowship training in urology, nephrology, anesthesiology, pathology, radiology, infectious diseases, and gastroenterology and paediatric nephrology.

A four year BS programme in intensive care, dialysis, laboratory sciences, radiology, nuclear medicine and operative surgery started in 2005. After internship the students become physician assistants a cadre unique to this country creating an important niche in the training programmes. SIUT established School of Nursing in 2006 in affiliation with the Pakistan Nursing Council to run a nursing diploma and diploma in special renal nursing program.

Similar to the patients who are treated free with compassion there are no tuition fees for any training program and no one has to look to their pockets. Thus far over 1500 doctors, nurses and technical persons have been benefitted from SIUT teaching programme whereas presently 247 are under training in various specialties.

The number of programs and growing student’s community necessitated a formal degree awarding status which was given to SIUT by the Higher Education Commission in the form of Sind Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS).

Ethical Review and Approval

All the research studies involving animals and human subjects whether as individuals or communities are subject to an ethics review to ensure the safety and rights of the subjects before a study can begin. Any change in conditions that could affect the rights of subjects during a study must also be approved for the study to continue.

Centre for Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine

The Centre for Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine was established at the SIUT in 2008. It conducts research in the human genome with applications in the aetiology of renal diseases related to cancer genetics, transplantation and allograft survival.


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