School Students Visits SIUT

A group of students from PECHS Girls School of Karachi visited SIUT. The group comprising over thirty students who were accompanied with their teachers spent a great deal of time at the institute and went round various wards and departments of the institute. The SIUT staff from Media and Resource Generation Unit briefed the visiting students about the history of the Institute and the milestones achieved which the Institute during over past forty years. They were told that SIUT functions under a unique philosophy which ensures free medical treatment to every individual who visits hospital without any bias of cast, color, creed or faith. The philosophy they were told is a concept initiated by the founder of the Institute and a prominent surgeon Prof Adib Rizvi.

The students met patients and inquired their welfare.The patients while talking to students highlighted the quality of treatment and care they receive from doctors and para medical staff. The students shown keen interest in the functioning of department of pediatric, dialysis, pharmacy, post-transplant outpatient department and oncology.