The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics (DOND) at SIUT started its services in 1993. It's responsibility is to assess the patient's nutritional status, diagnose and plan necessary intervention based on medical and cultural needs of the patient

Each year over 100 000 patients are consulted by the Department of Nutrition.

The Department is also involved in nutrition related research and conducts Nutrition Education programs for medical personnel and students of the School of Nursing and ZA School of Medical Technology, at the SIUT.

Since majority of patients coming to SIUT are ignorant about their dietary requirement, the DOND prescribes therapeutic diets aimed at improving patient's clinical outcome, such as better potassium and phosphorus control in CKD and avoidance of metabolic complications in post-transplant patients.

Imparting education to the patient is an important activity at the department. The department has published nutrition information handouts based on current international guidelines while at the same time taking into account the socio-cultural aspects of our patient population. The Nutritional information handouts are pictorial and easy to understand so as to aid patients who cannot read.