SIUT Highlights Need for Deceased Organ Donation

SIUT organised a session to highlight the plight of patients who are at the end stage of organ failure and have no family donor.

The session was aimed at raising awareness about the importance of organ donation and promotion of deceased organ donation program, which is the only way to save lives of patients who have reached the end stage of organ failure.

Director SIUT and prominent surgeon Dr Adib Rizvi urged the society to contribute to the cause and promote deceased organ program across the country. He pointed out that the number of patients who die every year for want of organs in Pakistan is estimated to be 150, 00.He however added that this figure can be much higher.

Others who spoke include retired Justice Majida Rizvi, Dr Nasir Luc, Dr Sadia Nishat, Dr Wasim Khan.Event was also attended by prominent journalist Ms.Zubeida Mustafa and a recorded message of known media personality Anwar Maqsood appealing to make deceased organ donation program successful was also played. A good number of patients who have " No Donors" attended the gathering and narrated their plight and tales of uncertainty.