Conference on Infection Diseases

Inaugurating a two day international conference on infectious diseases in Karachi, Professor Adib Rizvi , Director SIUT declared that " infection is a major killer in majority of transplant surgeries. The conference which was organized by the Infection Diseases Unit of SIUT in collaboration with Pakistan Society of Medical Microbiology and Infection Diseases (MMIDSP) was attended by experts from within the country and abroad including specialists from WHO.

Adib Rizvi who pioneered the kidney transplant in the country underscored the need to combat the scourge effectively by adopting better preventive measures and improving the living conditions. He gave an overview of prevalence of infection as a menace throughout the entire civilization and said centuries after centuries and civilizations after civilizations the infection had posed one of the greatest and daunting challenges to medical professionals who were engaged in treating the mankind. Plague, black fever, typhoid are few to remind us which destroyed generation in the past.

Supporting his arguments with statistics Prof Rizvi said the situation in developing countries is more alarming mainly due to poverty, poor economic conditions, sub human life style and malnutrition which go hand in hand with the growth of infection. Some fifty per cent patients of transplant he said looses their battle for lives in developing countries on account of multiple infections.

Inaugural session was also addressed by Professor Aamer Ikram the President of the Society, Dr Nasim Salahuddin, past President of the society and Dr Shehla Baqi of Civil Hospital Karachi.