Minimal Invasive Surgery moot opens at SIUT

Leading surgeons from within the country and abroad have stressed the importance of adopting the minimal invasive surgical procedure called "laparoscopy" as it is cost effective, scar free and above all shortest hospital stay in major surgeries.

The surgeons expressed their opinion on the opening day of 3-day "Minimal Invasive Surgery Conference" in the field of Urology which began at SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation) in Karachi on Monday.

The prominent surgeons who spoke on the opening day included Dr Shamim Khan, Dr Mateen Sharif, Dr Faiz Mumtaz from UK and Dr Tariq Tasaduq from Saudi Arabia and Dr Saeed Akhtar from Islamabad.

Dr Mumtaz Maher a pioneer in laparoscopic surgery and Dr Zafar Zaidi gave their experiences at the conference.

Speaking on the occasion Professor Adibul Hasan Rizvi, Director SIUT and renowned surgeon also emphasized the importance of this technological advancement of surgical sciences particularly in the field of urology. He pointed out that SIUT has always played a key role in bringing medical knowledge and technology in the country.

He said SIUT has always been in forefront in organizing seminars, workshops and training for medical professional to enhance their professional capacity and maintain flow of information.