Surgery creating milestones arrives in Pakistan

Pakistani surgeons engaged in carrying out "Minimal Invasive" surgery known as laparoscopic procedure in medical parlance have declared that the "surgery has brought revolutionary changes in the field of medical sciences" opening new vistas of better and cost effective medical care.

The views were expressed by surgeons at the conclusion of three day conference and workshop on minimal invasive surgery in the field of urology which was organized by SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation) in Karachi yesterday.

Some 80 surgeons from within the country and abroad attended the conference and workshop.

Prominent surgeons who took part in the workshop included Dr Shamim Khan, Dr Mateen Sharif, Dr Faiz Mumtaz from UK, Dr Tariq Tasaduq from Saudi Arabia and Dr Mumtaz Maher, Dr Zafar Zaidi and Dr Saeed Akhtar from Pakistan. They enjoy a rich experience in the field of minimal invasive surgery.

Other participating surgeons included Dr Saeed Akhtar from Islamabad and Dr Tariq Tasaduq from Saudi Arabia, They shared their experience with the participants of the workshop. The surgeons taking part in deliberations pointed out that this revolutionized procedure is in the best interest of patients as it is a cost effective due to brief stay of any patient in the hospital but also It is scar free, promises reduced pain and avoids blood transfusion.

Professor Adibul Hasan Rizvi Director SIUT speaking on the occasion underlined the importance of minimal invasive surgery in various branches of surgery and termed them as "landmark developments".

He said minimal invasive surgery as a specialty in the field of urology was introduced in the country some two decades ago. He said SIUT know for keeping pace with the technological development in the field of medical sciences is equipped to adopt the surgery with expertise and resources and perform the procedures in the days to come.