Milestones and Achievements

Pakistan’s First Cadaver Organ Transplant

SIUT is known for establishing one milestone after another. Doctors and paramedics of SIUT created a medical history by carrying out first Pakistan’s first cadaver kidney transplant in 1995. The organ (gifted by Euro Transplant Foundation) was retrieved from a 14 year old Dutch girl who died of cerebral hemorrhage. Her kidney was successfully transplanted into a 24-year-old Pakistani female patient suffering from end stage of renal failure.

First Locally Harvested Cadaver Organ Transplant

SIUT added another feather in its cap in October 1998 by putting Pakistan in the comity of nations where cadaver organ transplantation is a reality. The story of the first cadaver transplant began when a 24 year old Pakistani met a serious road accident. The family approached the SIUT with their decision to honor the deceased’s wish to give the gift of life of his organs (kidneys and eyes). The kidney recipients were two young men while his corneas were restored the vision of two others. SIUT’s landmark achievement Pakistan to become the ninth Islamic country after Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Kuwait amongst others, to carry out cadaver organ transplant.

First Successful Liver Transplant

Continuing its efforts to earn more landmarks in the field of surgery and medical sciences, SIUT also carried out first successful liver transplant in the country in November 2003.The surgical procedure was carried out after developing an extensive Liver Transplantation program. A six-month-old baby was transplanted a liver in collaboration with King’s College Hospital, London.

Over 5,500 Transplants Conducted Till Date

In 2017, SIUT had performed a total of 5,500 transplants of kidney, cornea and liver. The growing numbers include people that travel miles from urban and rural areas of Pakistan in need of surgery. The economical expenditure and post-transplant medications follow-ups all are bared by SIUT.

Country’s 1st Clinical Transplant Immunology Laboratory at SIUT

The country’s first clinical transplant immunology laboratory was inaugurated at SIUT to bring advancements in the fields of transplant sciences. The laboratory will help patients who remained on dialysis and pre-transplant procedures of tissue typing, detection of antibodies & ABO incompatible recipient/donor pairs.

First Lithotripsy unit in the public sector

SIUT was a pioneer in the process of Lithotripsy. The Lithotripter was the first in the public sector hospital of Pakistan. The machine has helped successfully treat kidney diseases as a daycare procedure.

Installation of First Public sector PET CT scans

A positron emission tomography (PET) scan is an imaging test that allows your doctor to check for diseases in your body. SIUT acquired the first PET CT Scan facility in the public sector.