Glowing tribute to Ibrahim Joyo at SIUT

Rich tributes were paid to prominent Sindhi writer and intellectual Ibrahim Joyo at an special event organized by SIUT. Ibrahim Joyo who received an excellence award by the Government of Pakistan for his outstanding writings had donated all of the prize money to SIUT in recognition of its activities for ailing humanity. Acknowleding the gesture SIUT arranged a function to express its deep thanks to famous Sindhi intellectual.

Speakers who graced the occasion included Justice Rana Bhagwandas, Mehtab Akbar Rashdi, Shafiq Piracha, Yousuf Jamal, Mazhar Siddiqui, Salim Memon, Director SIUT Professor Adib Rizvi and Ibrahim Joyo himself.

Addressing the ceremony Professor Rizvi stressed the need for ensuring provision of best health care and educational facilities for the poor segment of the society.He said the philosophy of SIUT and writings of Ibrahim Joyo are quite identical as both are committed to serve the people.Other speakers recounted the services of Ibrahim Joyo as a writer and thinker. They also highlighted the role of SIUT in mitigating the suffering of the population at large.