Indian Journalists Visit SIUT

A group of seventeen members Indian journalists from Kolkata Press Club visited SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation) in Karachi yesterday.

Delegation which was led by prominent Indian journalist Mr. Sen Gupta is currently visiting Pakistan. The Indian media men were greatly impressed with the working and philosophy of SIUT which happens to be the biggest institution of the region offering specialized medical care to a vast population free of cost.

Gupta while recording his impression paid rich tributes to the team of medical professionals of SIUT who have successfully evolved a unique philosophy to serve the masses by on the basis of perfect community-government partnership. He said "institute can serve as a role model for health planners and medical professionals of the region".

He also underlined the need of some professional cooperation between SIUT and medical institutes of his country who are engaged in identical fields of medical care.

Earlier Professor Anwar Naqvi of SIUT briefed the members of the delegation about the overall working of SIUT. He informed that SIUT is one of the biggest living donors transplant centers in the world. Imtiaz Faran President and Amir Lateef Secretary of Karachi Press Club accompanied the delegation.