Memorial Meeting For Ruth Pfau

Glowing tributes were paid Dr Ruth Pfau the Leprosy healer and a symbol of selflessness and devotion to Leprosy patients at a memorial meeting held at SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation. Dr Pfau passed away in recent past.

Speakers who spoke and showered tributes to the iconic German physician included Professor Adib Rizvi Director SIUT, prominent journalist Ms.Zubeida Mustafa, former Governor State Bank Dr Ishrat Husain,,former Commissioner Karachi Shafiq Piracha, Ingolf Vogul from German Consulate Dr Mutahir Zia and Mervyn Logo both from Marie Adelaide Centre,

Prof.Adib Rizvi. While acknowledging the services of Dr Pfau said “he had mixed feelings of pride and sorrow both. Pride he said”because we are honoring such a towering person and sorrow because we have lost her."

He reminded that Dr Pfau devoted last fifty years to fight against leprosy in the country and her tireless services enabled Pakistan to become a" Leprosy free country in 1996 as declared by WHO.

SIUT Director while highlighting Dr Pfau meritorious services said in the early years of Pakistan leprosy was considered to be a taboo rather than diseases and leprosy patients were ostracized but exemplary care, affection displayed by Dr Pfau added a new chapter of service to humanity.

Other speakers pointed out that by heading the National Leprosy Program and setting up Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre she changed the life of leprosy patients from misery to a meaningful and happy life.

They also complimented that Dr Pfau always identified herself as a Pakistani and also maintained that if she were to be born again she would want to be born in Pakistan. They said the strength of Pakistan resides in the work done by heroes like Dr Pfau who spent their entire life for the cause of humanity and disenfranchised people.