Workshop in Deceased Organ Donation

A pre-congress workshop for the ‘11th-CRITICON ‘Critical Care Medicine Congress’, Deceased Organ Donor for Transplantation’ was organized by Centre for Organ Donation-SIUT was held at the Agha Hasan Abedi Auditorium of Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT).

Dr. Anwar Naqvi while welcoming the guests highlighted the importance of ‘Deceased Organ Donor for Transplantation’ workshop which will provide an insight to the participants to learn and practice different aspects of the deceased organ donor program. He said that such workshops should be held on regular basis to spread the message more effectively and the organ donor program can help in saving many precious lives in the country. Dr. Naqvi informed that SIUT has a dedicated Centre for Organ Donation, UAN: ( 021-111 HAYATI ) 021 111 429 284, for this purpose.

During the workshop, the importance of deceased organ donation as a program and its effectiveness was discussed at length. The medical experts said that around 150.000 patients die in Pakistan each year of organ failure. Majority of these patients can be saved if organs are available for transplantation. They said all over the world countries have established a deceased donor program including Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, and Bangladesh.

The experts pointed out that anyone at any age can become an organ donor, the first step is to make a will and fill a donor card and make this will known to the family. They informed that ideally a person needs to be in an ICU on a ventilator and after being declared brain dead; their organs may be saved and transplanted to save the lives of several people. They said organs that can be donated include kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, pancreas and intestine. The tissues that may be donated include corneas, skin and bone marrow etc.

The workshop presentations were delivered by Dr. Manzoor Hussain, Dr. Ejaz Ahmed, Dr. Abdaal Wasim Khan, Dr. Haider Mehdi, Dr. Abbas Tasneem, Dr. Mudassir Laeeq and Dr. Qamar Abbas.

Dr. Sajid Sultan moderated a panel discussion with Dr. Akhtar Waheed, Dr. Tipu Sultan, Dr. Saadqa Aftab, Dr. Khairat Raza, Dr. GM Shaikh, and Dr. Wasim Khan. The coordinator of the program was whereas Dr.Hina Abbasi gave the vote of thanks.