Corona Virus Discussed in Depth

A grand round on " corona virus was held discussing all aspect of the much debated virus but pointed out that the epidemiological curve indicates that epidemic is slowing down in the country.

The discussion was organized by the department of infectious decease of SIUT. Opening the discussion Dr Asma Nasim Associate Professor of the department explained that corona virus have been with humans for centuries but now new viruses have emerged. She said these viruses are are known to adapt from animals to human population.Dr Asma disclosed that new Corona virus has emerged from live animal market and then spread from person to person.

Dr Sunil Dodani another Associate Professor of SIUT discussed the definition of the virus which says that if the person gets fever, dry cough and difficulty in breathing or had a history of traveling to China can be termed as suspect.Dr Sunil said till February 18th there were 71,429 confirmed cases with 1775 deaths of which 98 per cent were in China.

Professor Sehla Baqi in her presentation discussed the prevention aspects in detail. She underlined the importance of prevention and termed the cornerstone of hand hygiene. She stressed that strict infection control measures with hand hygiene, environmental cleaning and droplet with airborne precautions are the only way to prevent the spread of the virus. The discussion was followed by QA session by participating doctors.