Book on Organ Donation Launched

A book on social and religious aspect of organ donation and transplantation titled Majmua'a Khutbaat was launched at Karachi Press Club. Journalist Ghazi Salahudin who moderated the event informed that a seminar on organ donation and transplantation was held in April 2015 at the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center of Karachi University Seminar was attended by religious scholars of all school of thoughts and who endorsed that transplantation and organ donation was permissible and beneficial for the mankind. Book is compilation of lectures delivered at the seminar.

Prof Adib Rizvi Director SIUT thanked both the journalist community and religious scholars who have always supported the organ donation campaign. He said at the moment between 200,000 and 250,000 people are losing their lives because lack of organ donors and this figure is likely to increase.

Dr Rizvi pointed out that hepatitis is rampant and liver transplantation is expensive therefore young people are dying because of the ailment. He disclosed that deceased organ donation is taking place in Islamic world but Pakistan is lagging behind.

Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman who was the chief guest said aim of publishing the book was to give helping hand to Dr Rizvi and his team of SIUT to gather on one platform for the cause of humanity.

Islamic scholar Noor Ahmed Shahtaz also spoke about the organ transplantation and its benefit for those who earned new lease of life after reaching end stage.