Guidelines for Internship

The internship program has been temporarily closed due to a large number of applications. It will resume next year during summers. Thank you!

The Centre Of Biomedical Ethics and Culture (CBEC) offers internship positions to students from different educational levels (grade 11 and above). The objective is to provide them an opportunity to spend time in a bioethics centre, participate in bioethics events taking place during the internship period and interact with its faculty. The focus of the internship is on giving students opportunities to engage intellectually with the faculty but does not include exposure to hospital activities or interactions with patients.

Interested applicants should complete and submit an application form. Click here

In addition, they must email an updated resume to the Administrative Coordinator at

Program Details

  • The internship duration is from a minimum of 2 weeks extending to 4 weeks. On request, and at the discretion of CBEC faculty, an internship may be extended for a longer duration.
  • Punctuality and on-site attendance are requirements of the internship. In case an intern cannot come to the Centre due to an emergency, s/he must inform the Centre and request leave.
  • Interns must complete all assigned tasks within the time of internship, and maintain a log of their activities.

Internship Activities

Interns will be expected to engage in the following activities during the internship:

  • Make a presentation to CBEC faculty on a subject pertaining to bioethics. This could involve discussion of a short story or book, a movie, an article, etc. A faculty member will be assigned to help with this activity.
  • Attend bioethics events taking place at the Centre
  • Maintain a log and submit a brief activity report before leaving

Internship letter

At the end of the internship, a letter will be issued in the name of the intern by a faculty member.

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