CBEC Videos

CBEC has been using feature films and other purpose made videos to highlight various ethical issues and generate discussion in its academic programs (click Video Library for the list). However, CBEC has also produced its own set of short teaching videos in order to better address issues within local cultural perspectives. These videos are available on our website for use by institutions and individuals for teaching purposes. The videos can be run online or can be downloaded to computers.

It is hoped that CBEC will be acknowledged when these videos are used by others, and we would appreciate feedback about the experience.

A Tale of Two Worlds

Jannatville, a rich, gated community lies across the creek from Pariabad, a large slum that lacks even basic facilities such as drainage and water supply. When a dengue epidemic surfaces in both communities, issues of social justice and public health ethics become prominent. Against this backdrop, an international research team seeks permission from a local IRB to carry out a trial in Pariabad and another locality, for a drug, Fixit-W, that can be added to a community’s water supply and which potentially, can kill a mosquito that bites someone who has ingested Fixit-W. Issues such as justice, community engagement, and voluntary consent in public health research are highlighted in the movie.

Pushing Boundaries

CBEC’s latest production brings forward the ethical issues that arise due to choices that emerging technologies such as in-vitro fertilization provide to individuals. The movie explores the societal pressures in being a biological parent in traditional societies like Pakistan, and how it impacts family dynamics.

Between A Rock and a Hard Place

This production uncovers the ethical issues that arise due to deceased organ donation as they tend to play out within local contexts. The movie focuses on the dynamics of collective family decision-making processes in Pakistan. The video is meant to stimulate audiences in identifying different ethical challenges in procuring organs for organ transplantation, and consider solutions applicable within particularized situations.

Between Hope and Despair

This video discusses the ethical issues that can come up while conducting public health research in disaster struck areas. Issues related to the healthcare professionals, the community and the ethical review process have been highlighted in the video.

To Err is Human

To err is indeed human, and healthcare providers are as human as others. However, their errors have far greater significance as their acts of omission and commission can have an irremediable impact on those under their care. This video explores various aspects of medical mishaps while depicting incidents of error, negligence and near misses in the clinical setting. We hope that the video will generate an ethical discourse on why we err, and what to do when we do.

Walking a Tightrope

The stories depicted in this short video contrast the value of doing good for the patient against legal and institutional compulsions, when the two may be diametrically opposing forces. The video brings out the tensions healthcare providers face while trying to find a balance between the two, a challenge encountered quite frequently by medical practitioners.

Testing Times

As genetic screening and research becomes mainstream, it has also unravelled a lot of contentious ethical challenges. This short film explores some of these challenges, focusing on breast cancer screening and also highlights how research can often become conflated with clinical care, not only for the patient, but also for those involved in providing care.

Publish or Perish

This movie highlights several areas of scientific misconduct that can tempt researchers, driven by increasing pressures to publish research work in order to move up the academic ladder. Viewers will notice examples of plagiarism, fudging data, gifted authorship and other similar issues highlighted in this film. The film ends by touching the issue of whistle blowing.

More Than Meets the Eye

End of life issues form a major part of ethics consults all over the world. This teaching video depicts one such situation where a neurosurgeon faces an ethical dilemma regarding the care of a quadriplegic patient with Downs Syndrome who is ventilator dependent but not brain dead. The process of engaging a distraught family member to ascertain the wishes of the family, and the deliberations of an ethics consultation are depicted in this film.

A Matter of Trust

This movie raises issues of physician-pharmaceutical interaction, and how it can lead to potential conflicts of interest. It also explores the relationship of a patient with a physician and the ease with which therapeutic misconception creeps in when a physician assumes the role of a researcher.

To Tell or Not to Tell (09:02)

This movie explores issues related to family dynamics and informed consent when a patient’s family wishes to shield him from the harsh reality of his ailment and treatment. It portrays tensions between a physician’s duty to disclose illness and an individual’s autonomy and right to know, versus the protective feelings of his children.

The Sound of Silence (09:01)

This movie explores questions of informed consent in a hierarchical, male dominated environment. It brings out the issue of respecting the patient’s wishes and empowering the patient even when the individual appears to be disinterested. It also explores the issues of privacy and empathy in the interaction between physicians and patients.