CBEC Faculty


Dr. Farhat Moazam, MD, Ph.D
Professor and Chairperson
Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture, SIUT
Karachi, Pakistan

Dr. Farhat Moazam is the founding Chairperson of CBEC, and has had a long academic career. She was the founding Chairperson of the Department of Surgery and the first Associate Dean for Post Graduate Medical Education, FHS, in Aga Khan University, Karachi. Currently she is also a Fellow of the Institute of Practical Ethics and Visiting Professor at the Center for Humanism in Medicine, at the University of Virginia, USA.

Dr. Moazam has been an invited speaker at many national and international conferences on topics that have included Islamic Perspectives on Abortion; Foundational Ethical Concepts in Islam: The Qur’an, Imam al-Ghazali, and Muslim Physicians; Local Moral Worlds: Reflections on Renal Transplantation in Pakistan, and From Individualistic Ethics to Relational Morality.

She has published extensively in her areas of interest. Her doctoral dissertation, Bioethics and Organ Transplantation in a Muslim Society: A Study in Culture, Ethnography and Religion, was published by the Indiana University Press, USA in September, 2006.

Email: famoz@mindspring.com

Dr. Anwar Naqvi, MBBS, MHPE
Professor and Coordinator
Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture, SIUT
Karachi, Pakistan

Dr. Anwar Naqvi is a well known name in the field of urology and transplantation nationally and internationally. He is Vice President of the Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons (PAUS), and a Council Member representing Pakistan in the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation (MESOT) and at the Asian Society of Transplantation (AST).

He was Managing Secretary of the Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA), the oldest and most respected internationally indexed medical journal from Pakistan, and has contributed over 50 publications in internationally indexed journals. He has written two chapters, “Resistance to Cadaver Organ Donation: Experience in a Developing Country” and “Fallouts of Commercialism in Organ Donation as seen in Pakistan,” both published in Organ Replacement Therapy: Ethics, Justice, Commerce (Springer Verlag: Germany).

Email: info@siut.org

Dr. Aamir M. Jafarey, FCPS, FRCS, MBE (Bioethics)
Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture, SIUT
Karachi, Pakistan

Dr. Aamir Jafarey joined CBEC in October 2004 after training in bioethics as a Fogarty Fellow in the Department of Population and International Health, Harvard School of Public Health.

Dr. Jafarey has been involved in bioethics related activities in Pakistan since 1997. He has been the recipient of several grants for bioethics related projects. He has conducted several research projects and has published in national and international journals. He has been invited to present papers and conduct workshops at various institutions nationally and across the region. Dr Jafarey serves as the Coordinator of the Ethical Review Committee of SIUT.

Email: aamirjafarey@gmail.com

Dr. Bushra Shirazi, FCPS, PGD (Biomedical Ethics), MBE (Bioethics), MHPE
Consultant Breast Surgeon, SIUT and faculty CBEC
Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture, SIUT
Karachi, Pakistan

Dr. Bushra Shirazi is a Professor of Surgery working as a breast consultant at SIUT along with being a member faculty at the Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture (CBEC, SIUT). She has a Postgraduate Diploma in Biomedical Ethics (2007) and MBE in Bioethics (2011) from the Sindh Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS), Karachi and Master of Health Professions Education (MHPE) from Aga Khan University (AKU), Karachi.

Dr. Shirazi is a member of the IRB at Ziauddin University for over 10 years and has recently joined as an IRB member of, Dow University of Health Sciences since 2016. She has developed the bioethics curriculum for the medical students at Ziauddin. Dr. Shirazi is actively involved in CBEC educational programs including national workshops and seminars. Her main areas of interest in bioethics are clinical and research ethics as well as bioethics education. She has presented several papers in national and international bioethics related conferences. She has served as the Vice President (West Asia) of the Asian Bioethics Association, and at present also member of the Karachi Bioethics Group.

She serves on the Curriculum Adaptation Committee of the CBEC-KEMRI Bioethics Training Initiative in Nairobi, Kenya, a program funded through a grant by the Fogarty International Centre, NIH.
Email: bbushrashirazi@gmail.com

Ms. Sualeha Siddiq Shekhani, BS, MS, MBE (Bioethics)
Assistant Professor
Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture, SIUT
Karachi, Pakistan

Sualeha Siddiq Shekhani holds an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences from SZABIST (2014), with majors in Psychology. She joined CBEC as a part timer in March 2015 as a Research Assistant. During this time, she also finished her Masters in Health Policy and Management (HPM) from Aga Khan University, Karachi and  MBE in Bioethics (2019) from the Sindh Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS), Karachi. Her work interests specifically are situated within the domain of qualitative research. She has published papers in the area of bioethics during her time at the centre.

Email: shekhanisualeha@gmail.com

Mr. Farid bin Masood, BA, MA
Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture, SIUT
Karachi, Pakistan

Farid bin Masood has done BA (Hons) and MA in Sociology from Karachi University. He has a rich background in teaching Philosophy, Sociology and Theology at various leading institutions in Karachi. He has published articles in journals based on his research on areas of philosophy of religion and sociology. He has linguistic proficiency in Turkish and Arabic in addition to English and Urdu.

He joined CBEC-SIUT in March 2021 as part time faculty, bringing with him his experience of the social sciences and linguistics.
Email: faridbinmasood8@gmail.com


Muhammad Shahid Shamim, MBBS, FCPS, FRCS (Glasgow),
PGD (Bioethics), MHPE, PhD (Med Edu)
Professor & Director
Directorate of Graduate Studies,
Aga Khan University , Karachi, Pakistan
Ali Lanewala, DABIM, PEAD,

NEP, PGD (Biomedical Ethics)
Department of Pediatirc Nephrology
Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation
Karachi, Pakistan

Elizabeth A. Bukusi, MBChB, M.Med

(ObGyn), MPH, PhD, CIP, PGD, MBE (Bioethics)
Chief Research Officer
Nairobi, Kenya

Natasha Anwar, Ph.D, PGD

Consultant Molecular Pathologist
Aga Khan University
Lahore, Pakistan

Nida Wahid Bashir, FCPS, FRCS

(Edin), PGD Bioethics
Consultant General Surgeon
Patel Hospital
Karachi, Pakistan

Paul A. Lombardo, JD., Ph.D
Professor of Law
Georgia State University, College of Law
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Riffat Moazam Zaman, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist
Retd. Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Aga Khan University
Karachi, Pakistan


Aasim Ahmed, FCPS, MHSc (Bioethics)
Consultant Chief Nephrologist
The Kidney Centre
Karachi, Pakistan
Abdul Wahab Suri, Ph.D
Department of Philosophy
University of Karachi
Karachi, Pakistan
Ahson Qavi Siddiqi, MBBS, MCPS, DTCD, MPH
Senior Director Medical
Hilton Pharma Limited
Karachi, Pakistan
Ayesha Mian, MD
Associate Professor, Chairperson
Department of Psychiatry
Aga Khan University
Karachi, Pakistan
Erfan Hussain, MBBS
Assistant Professor
Aga Khan University Hospital
Karachi, Pakistan
Mala Ramanathan,MA, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Kerala, India
Mariam Hassan, MBBS, PGD Bioethics
Head of Department
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre
Lahore, Pakistan
Amar Jesani, M.D
Managing Trustee, Anusandhan Trust
Coordinator of the Centre for Studies in Ethics & Rights
Mumbai, India
Muhammad Atif Waqar, MD
Assistant Professor
Aga Khan University
Karachi, Pakistan
Muhammad Harris, PhD
Assistant Professor
Comparative Liberal Studies School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Habib University
Karachi, Pakistan
Muhammad Khalid Masud, MA, Ph.D
Former Chairman,
Council of Islamic Ideology
Government of Pakistan
Islamabad, Pakistan
Murad Moosa Khan, MBBS, MRCPsych, CCST, Ph.D
Department of Psychiatry
Aga Khan University
Karachi, Pakistan
Nauman Faizi, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
Lahore, Pakistan
Paul Komesaroff, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine
Monash University
Sharmeen Khan, LLB (Hons), LLM
Corporate Lawyer
Amgen, Dubai