Capacity Development

CBEC serves as a resource center for various areas in bioethics. We have conducted workshops and seminars in different medical colleges and healthcare institutions all across the country. Some of the broad areas include:

  • Clinical Ethics
  • Research Ethics
  • Public Health Ethics
  • Bioethics Pedagogy
  • Setting up Ethical Review Committees/ Institutional Review Boards
  • Gender Ethics

These workshops/trainings can be tailored to suit your unique institutional requirements, and target audience. Workshops can be designed specifically for medical students, nurses, physicians at various levels as well as the general public. Trainings can be conducted physically, and online as well.
Examples of topics that we have conducted workshops on include Conflict of Interest in the area of healthcare, Research Ethics 101, Ethical Issues in Behavioral Science Research among many others. For a list of previous workshops/seminars conducted, please click here.

Note that there are no charges for these trainings, keeping in line with our parent institution’s vision of providing healthcare and education free of cost.
For queries regarding workshop/seminars, please reach out to us at