A-two day summit to help in improving health delivery system and medical education in the country was held at SIUT. The summit meeting was jointly organized by SIUT and APPNA (Association of Physicians of Pakistan Descent of North America).

With a series of healthcare sessions focused on education and advocacy sectors the event was attended by some hundred delegates including those medical experts representing various medical institutions in the United States.

APPNA a network of 18,000 physicians and surgeons representing the alumnus of various medical colleges of Pakistan current practicing in the US. They also held similar meetings earlier in Lahore and Islamabad.

APPNA President Dr Iqbal Zafar Hamid in his welcome address said his association is actively committed towards the capacity building of their professional colleagues and medical students in Pakistan. The prime aim he said was to hold collaborative exercise with SIUT to establish professional linkages between the two health bodies.

Paying tributes to SIUT for its meritorious service in health care system of Pakistan the APPNA head said: we want to foster permanent links between SIUT and APPNA"

Prof Adib Rizvi Director SIUT in his inaugural speech greatly lauded the gesture of APPNA on the part of visiting doctors for arranging joint meeting with SIUT in Pakistan. He asked the members of APPNA to continue this trend of cooperating experience sharing in the years to come also. Prof Rizvi reminded the overseas doctors of Pakistani origin not to abandon their homeland as they owe a great deal towards their fellow countrymen. He also gave an overview of SIUT activities and its journey which is spanned over forty years. The inaugural session was also addressed by Dr Akhtar Hameedi Chair of First Global Summit and his deputy Dr Razi Mohammaad. Dr Irfan Mirza conducted the proceedings.

Closing Session of APPNA 2018