World Hepatitis Day 2015

The 28th day of July is observed as WORLD HEPATITIS DAY all over the world.The sole objective of observing the day is to to spread awareness among masses about risk, prevention and mode of transmission of hepatitis.

Viral hepatitis is a national health problem and which carries enormous economic and psycho-social implications therefore creating awareness about its prevention is of paramount importance. In Pakistan, about 15 million people, that is, 1 in 13 people is harboring Hepatitis B or C virus.

This year the theme of World Hepatitis Day was "Prevent Hepatitis its upto you". Keeping in view the importance of preventive aspects of viral hepatitis, Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) marked the day as an event of public awareness day at its Hanifa Suleman complex. During day long proceeding visiting persons were screened for hepatitis B and underwent abdominal ultrasound. First shot of Hepatitis B vaccine was given to all visiting persons, along with the schedule and appointment of follow up vaccine.

A detailed awareness video was shown in local language which helped people to identify the risk of hepatitis, its mode of transmission, and learn the preventive measures.

Expert doctors and dieticians participated in question answer session with attendees and gave advice for dietary modification, identification of risk factor and harm reduction strategies. Attendees were also informed that hepatitis B and C is a progressive disease and can lead to end stage liver disease. The ultimate treatment of which is liver transplantation.

It was also highlighted due to lack of organ donation large number of people is dying of organ failure. It was stressed that a culture of organ donation is urgently required in our society to save precious lives as deceased organ donation is the back bone of organ transplantation worldwide. 80 % of worldwide transplantation depends on this mode of donation.

The use of boiled water and practice hand washing after eating, using washroom and changing diapers were stressed upon as an important preventive measure. People were emphasized on using new syringes at clinics, razor blades at barber shop, and sterilized dental and surgical equipment in case of any procedures.

SIUT Primary Health Care Centre, Kathore 26th Student Volunteer Program