Say NO HEP: SIUT On The Mission To Eliminate Hepatitis

The theme announced by WHO for this year’s World Hepatitis Day is "Eliminate Hepatitis”, and find all the missing millions that are affected by the disease and provide them a treatment. WHO and SIUT have pledged to wipe out the diseases by 2030.

The full-day program organized by SIUT to combat viral hepatitis includes awareness lectures, blood tests, abdominal ultrasound and vaccinations of Hepatitis B. Screening the population for viral hepatitis in Pakistan is a cumbersome process, the lack of education and healthcare facilities result in spreading of the diseases aggressively. Providing bilingual awareness to all the attendees, the first step to prevention is complete.

On spot vaccinations and tests help in curbing the disease which is spreading at large. Small changes in lifestyle can help prevent vectors of viral hepatitis. The program consisted of nutritional advice as well for women and children, which can help them build their immunity against Hepatitis A B and C.

As hepatitis C is a big menace for the country. A recent change in the treatment of oral medications have revolutionized the treatment response of hepatitis C. Therefore, prompt diagnosis and treatment can bring about long-lasting results. Eliminating hepatitis C from Pakistan is an achievable target if combined efforts are made in the right direction.

SIUT has been working on developing awareness paths for the population of Pakistan so they can battle Hepatitis and eliminate the disease once and for all.