National Management Institute's Team visits SIUT

A group of mid level government officers presently attending a training program at the National Institute of Management (NIM) Lahore paid a visit to SIUT. The aim of the visit was to build capacity and familiarize officers about the working of important national institutions.

SIUT being a unique institution of health care in the country with a unique philosophy of providing health cover to population “free with dignity was selected as an important institution by NIM for trainee officers.

Speaking to the members of the group Professor Anwar Naqvi of SIUT spelt out the basis of the unique philosophy on which SIUT works and also traced the history of on the SIUT, Professor Naqvi who is a member of SIUT pioneering team also apprised the visitors about the overall function of the Institute and presented the statistics of transplant and dialysis patients.

He also highlighted how organ donation program which can new lease of life to patients who are at terminal stages, He underlined the need public awareness at all level can help to promote this noble cause. Professor Naqi Zafar of SIUT also briefed the members of the visiting team about those medical issues which are confronted the patients suffering from renal disorders.