Workshop on Robotic Surgery

A three day multi- disciplinary workshop on robotic surgery was held at SIUT. The workshop was arranged in collaboration with Civil Hospital and Dow Health University. Which encompassed three important disciplines of surgery including urology, general surgery and gynecology. This was for the first time that three cited disciplines of surgery were focused on each day by a team of prominent surgeons including those who came from abroad. They later performed robotic surgeries.

Robotic surgery is considered to a state of the art and futuristic surgery and highly beneficial for patients. This surgery is less invasive and patients are discharge early as compared to traditional surgery.

Tertiary care hospitals the world over prefers to acquire the skills of this technology to keep themselves abreast with latest technology. Prominent surgeons who traveled from Britain to perform surgeries included Prof. Shamim Khan of King's College London, Prof. Mateen Sharif of Guy's St Thomas Hospital London, Dr. Faiz Mumtaz another surgeon from Royal Free Hospital London , Dr. Kankipati Shanti Raju from St. Thomas Hospital of London and Dr. Amjad Perveza surgeon in NHS Pool Foundation.From SIUT and Civil Hospital prominent surgeons who performed procedures in the workshop in Dr. Amjad Siraj Memon, Dr. Fouzia Pervin, Dr. Sajida Qureshi, Dr. Rehan Mohsin, Dr. Asad Shehzad while Dr. Altaf Hashmi moderated the panel discussion. Prof. Adib Rizvi Director SIUT inaugurated the workshop.