Another act of noble gesture

Gifting of human organs and tissues by deceased persons is a great act of humanitarian generosity which can help save lives. This noble gesture was recently performed by Mr. Muhammad Zahid and his family.

Mr. Zahid, 60 years of age, who was a patient of diabetes and end-stage kidney disease. He was on maintenance dialysis for the past ten months. During his treatment, he and his wife saw several patients who had come with chronic kidney failure but their transplantation could not take place because of lack of family donors. Perturbed by the sad state of affair, Mr. Zahid was motivated by the recent selfless and altruistic donation of Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi’s corneas. He always quoted that he wished to donate his organs and tissues after his death to others.

He and his wife contacted SIUT’s for organ donation and filled the pledge form for deceased organ donation after which he was issued a donor card that he kept with him at all times. Mr. Zahid's wife Raees Fatima, completely shared and endorsed her husband’s vision.

When the condition of Zahid worsened and he succumbed to his serious illness, she took the initiative to honor her deceased husband’s desire and requested for the retrieval of his organs and tissues after his death for transplantation to deserving patients.

Muhammad Zahid's corneas were implanted into two completely blind people. The first recipient was Mr. Arshad Ali, 42 years of age and a vegetable vendor, resident of Shah Faisal Colony, whereas the second recipient was Mr. Waleed Raza, 27 years from Quetta jobless due to his blindness. The surgeries were successful in restoring sight and vision - a life-changing experience for both of them.

Mr. Zahid's donation has left a noble legacy of life for others to emulate so that the suffering of our society could be minimized.