Karachi University Students visit SIUT

A group of 35 students from the Department of Social Welfare of Karachi University paid a visit to SIUT as a part of their study trips. The whole objective was to give an insight to the students about the facilities available at the hospital and how the social issues of patients are addressed.

The Social Welfare and Rehabilitation and Media & Outreach Departments of the hospital represented by Dr Wasim Khan gave a briefing about the history and philosophy of SIUT. He informed the visiting students that SIUT adheres to a unique philosophy that every patient must get "free treatment with dignity" without any discrimination of cast, color, creed, or religion belief.

He said the treatment provided at SIUT is completely "free". He highlighted the untiring struggle of Dr Adib Rizvi and informed the students that SIUT has 10 satellite units where 2.6 million patients were treated in the previous year.

The university student expressed keen interest in deceased interest organ donation program besides dialysis, lithotripsy and paediatrics. They also mingled with the patients, discussed about their disease. The students greatly appreciated the facilities that are provided by SIUT. They also applauded the untiring efforts of Director Institute Prof. Adib Rizvi and other members of his team.