Infection control certification course

An Infection control certification course was organized by the Department of Infectious Diseases and Infection Control from 23rd May 2016 to 31st May 2016. A total of 25 nurses, nursing assistants and technicians from SIUT and 8 health care workers from Quetta attended the session.

Dr Asma Nasim (Incharge Department of Infectious Diseases), Dr Sunil Dodani ( Assistant Professor Department of Infectious Disease ), Dr Zaheeruddin (Lecturer Department of Infectious Disease), Dr Ali Nadeem (Assistant Professor Microbiology) and Rahat Musroor (Infection Control Practitioner) were the facilitators.

The topics included in the course were organization of infection control and hand hygiene, transmission base precautions, decontamination of equipments, proper collection of samples for culture, environmental cleaning, laundry and waste disposal, prevention of intravascular device associated infection and urinary tract infections and needle stick injury.

Sessions comprised power point presentations, discussions and question answer sessions. At the end of the course a quiz was taken to assess the knowledge of the participants, certificates were distributed and gifts to those who obtained highest marks in the quiz.

This course helps to improve the knowledge and practices of the participants. Health care workers will serve the patients better and in an efficient way by following good infection control practices such as hand hygiene, environmental cleaning, and handling of sharps and use of personnel protective equipments.

Learning is an ongoing process and we can bring about lots of change by continuous learning.