SIUT participates in Institute of Business Management's (IoBM) Annual Health Camp

Dr Adibul Hasan Rizvi Director SIUT was the chief guest of annual health camp organized by the Institute of Business Management's (IoBM) which was held at the Institute's campus. He presented an overview of organ donation and transplantation activities in Pakistan. He pointed out the urgency of creating awareness and to promote the culture of altruistic organ donation for the well being and better health of individuals those facing life threatening situation in our society . He said that the community and society have to accept the responsibility and take interest in the transplantation program if they want to see their relatives and dear ones to survive for long.

He informed the audience that there is a need of around 150,000 organs in the country every year which includes liver on the top of the list. He said the problems of organ harvesting are that the person needs to be on a ventilator before he or she dies or the organ needs to be removed within moments of death, which is difficult decision for the family to make.

Dr. Rizvi a reputed surgeon traced out many factors which restrict the people from donating their organs after their deaths. He however said these restrictive factors needs to be removed for creating a healthy and productive community. Director of SIUT accompanied by other members of his team also went round and saw the exhibition organized on the occasion.