Human Trafficking for Organ Transplantation

Director SIUT Professor Adib-ul Hasan Rizvi while briefing media at the SIUT auditorium expressed his fears that Pakistan could again turn into an organ selling market if the government overlooked the increased activities of undesirable elements who are indulging in illegal trade of organs by luring the people and taking them abroad for transplantation.

He pointed that in recent days the undesirable people have started again indulging in this trade and entice the poor people into this illegal trade. He informed that Transplantation Society of Pakistan (TSP) had received message from an Istanbul based organization on organ trafficking and transplant tourism and shared the information.

Dr Rizvi disclosed that the officials of TSP and HOTA Sindh have also spoken to the concerned authorities about the arrest of two persons at Karachi Airport who were recently traveling to Mauritius via Dubai en route to New Delhi for an illegal transplantation procedure.

Dr Naqi Zafar the Secretary of TSP who also spoke on the occasion said " it must be an influential international chain indulging in illegal organ donation who recruits the people in Pakistan for their nefarious activities. Also present at the briefing were Justice Majida Rizvi, Dr Akhtar Jamal and Dr Manzur Hussain.