Healthcare is not a privilege but a birth right-Prof Anwar

A private business school of Karachi organized a seminar titled " Healthcare for Less Privileged" which was largely attended by medical practitioners, representatives of pharmaceutical industry and members of civil society and other advocacy groups.

Professor Anwar Naqvi representing the SIUT made a presentation on the topic and underscored the importance of the topic. While giving an overview of healthcare infrastructure in the country he said " healthcare is not a privilege but a birth right of every citizen.

>He also briefed the audience about the role which SIUT has played in providing free medical care during past forty four years.Prof. Naqvi in his presentation also gave the statistics of budgetary allocation of health sector in various countries and regretted that Pakistan is only allocating 0.8 per cent of its GDP on health sector. Presentation of Prof.Naqvi was followed by Q/A session.