Global Hand washing Day

As a part of creating awareness about overall hygiene the SIUT observed the World Hand washing Day on Sunday last.

Hand Washing Day is organized the world over on October 15th with an aim to motivate the public and inform them about the benefits of hand washing in order to combat a number of diseases particularly diarrhea, respiratory ailments and reduction of child mortality. International health organizations including World Health Organization (WHO) have always stressed the need of hand washing by soaps as a simple behavior change in day to day life. According to an estimate that " less than 40% of people wash their hands after contact with excreta.”

At SIUT, the day was organized by its Infectious Diseases Department who established stalls in patient’s dialysis’ waiting area, transplantation section, all OPDs and oncology department. A comprehensive program progressed the whole day which was based on videos, practical demos of handwashing, quiz contests, lectures and posters exhibition disseminating useful information to doctors, nurses, technical staff, paramedical staff, students, patients and their attendants to understand the importance of hand washing and keep themselves protected from variety of infections.

The theme of the day for this year was “Our hands, our future”