Workshop on Genital Tract Fistula

A three day workshop was organized at the SIUT where an in depth discussion took place on the medical and social complication of Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF) among the female population of developing countries including Pakistan.

The highlight of the workshop was participation of three eminent uro-gynecologists from African continent who shared their professional experience with their Pakistani counterparts. The experts included Miss Sohier Elneil from University College London, Professor Serigne Magueye from Senegal and Professor Oladosu Ojengbede from Nigeria. The three medical experts had specialization in the field of obstetric fistula, bladder cancer and urinary tract disorder. Professor Adib Rizvi of SIUT, Dr. Tariq Tassadaq from Saudi Arabia and Professor Manzoor Hussain of SIUT who while participating in the discussion stressed to focus at bladder and pelvic dysfunction which causes the fistula disorder and then lead to surgical repair. Dr. Rizvi said the workshop is a part of SIUT's philosophy to update medical knowledge besides providing free quality treatment to every human being without any discrimination.

More than 200 gynecologist and urologist from all over country participated in this workshop. They learnt new techniques to address the problem at their respective area. Experts representing fields of urology and gynecology reviewed the prevalence of the problems in different parts of the world and pointed out that patients with genital tract fistulas usually face difficult and miserable social and personal problem. They said the epidemiological statistics of WHO indicates that 130,000 new cases of maternal mortality were reported in 2004 while 3.5 million population suffering from the problem at global level. Medical experts disclosed that main focus is on mortality while morbidity is not a health denominator. Participants lauded the efforts of SIUT for holding the workshop on the subject which holds importance both in social and medical sectors.