Edhi's donation after death

Abdul Sattar Edhi, world renowned social worker and humanist died after 10 years of treatment at SIUT and since 2013 he was on thrice a week dialysis.

Over 150,000 people die of organ failure each year in Pakistan. Edhi sahib was amongst the first of the 2000 donors registered at SIUT who have pledged their organs after death. The Edhi family donated both his eyes after he died at SIUT and fulfilled his will.

The two eyes were transplanted into two blind persons. The surgery was performed in the late afternoon by a team of surgeons of the department of ophthalmology SIUT.

The death of Edhi sahib has given vision to two most deserving persons and this is how he had wished his legacy to continue after death.

We all hope Edhi sahib's donation will encourage others to save the lives of patients of end stage organ failure.