Efforts to promote medical sciences in remote parts stressed

Experts representing cross section of society have said that organ transplantation is no longer a disputed issue. Speaking at a public symposium on deceased organ donation at SIUt they reminded that ulemas of every school of thought met in Karachi University in recent past agreed that per human needs organ transplantation is allowed as legitimate in Islam.Speakers also paid glowing tributes to the services of SIUT and its Director Prof.Adib Rizvi who serving the ailing population without any discrimination.

The speakers said SIUT is a number one institution doing a commendable job.The speakers included Mufti Munib-ur-Rehman, Professor Francis Dolminco Urologist from the US, Dr Faisal Shaheen of Saudi Arabia, Dr Mustafa Al Mosawi of Kuwait, Dr Junaid Ashraf, Dr Sunil Shroff from India Justce Retired Majida Rizvi, Justice retired Haziq-ul-Khairi and Ms Kishwar Zehra MNA. Kishwar Zehra played an instrumental role in the passage of organ transplant bill.

Prominent journalist Ghazi Salahuddin moderated the debate.