Two films highlighting organ donation screened

Two films effectively highlighting the importance of transplantation and organ donation for a healthy life were screened at SIUT here on Wednesday.

PACHTAWA (Regret) was a 10 minutes film based on a true story which was made by the students of Mass Communication Department of Greenwich University Karachi. Despite limited technical and logistic support at their disposal, the students of the University made a good effort to capture the message. They portrayed as how a delayed decision on the part of family members in donating an organ to another family member who has reached the end stage very often disturbs a blissful family.

Prominent private television channel HUM rolled out a 15 minutes docu-drama "ZINDAGI". Based on a patient driven real story, the docu-drama was a reminder of high production qualities, good camera work and slick editing with strong focus on the issue of deceased organ donation.

Both the films dealt with the issue of kidney transplantation and organ donation; and its impact on the socio economic life of an average urban middle class family of our society.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Adib Rizvi Director SIUT, greatly lauded the efforts of both institutions for taking up the issue of transplantation and organ donation which greatly needs public support and can be achieved through mass media.

Ms. Sultana Siddiqui, President HUM television, held out an assurance on behalf of her channel to supplement the efforts in sensitizing the issue of organ donation.

Other who spoke included Dr. A. Q. Mughal Research Professor of Greenwich University and Prof. Ejaz Ahmed of SIUT.

Students, faculty members representing the departments of Mass Communication of a number of universities and a large number of people from all walks of life including members of press, media, corporate sectors and those who have pledged for the donation of their organs attended the event.