Breast Cancer Ward Opened at SIUT

SIUT has enhanced its services by establishing a "breast cancer ward" as a part of its clinical ambit.The Health Minister of Sindh Dr Azra Pechuho inaugurated the ward at a ceremony.Breast cancer is posing a great threat in the female population of Pakistan as according to an estimate one approximately in nine women suffers with the ailment.The rate of prevalence happens to be one of the highest as compared in other Asian countries.

In this backdrop the SIUT took the initiative and established a unit in 2017 with an aim to provide multidisciplinary services and start treating suffering patients.

SIUT now plans to enhance its activities by increasing the related activities which includes surgeries, larger out door patients facilities,radiology, pathology and testing of genetics in the days to come.

Director SIUT Prof Adib Rizvi and in charge of the unit Dr Bushra Sheerazi also spoke at the inauguration.The Provincial Health Minister went round the various sections of the newly established ward.