American College of Surgeons awards fellowship to Dr. Rizvi

Described as the most prestigious fellowship in the world of surgical sciences and which is awarded by the American College of Surgeons every year was this year conferred to Professor Adib Rizvi Director SIUT. Professor Rizvi received the coveted fellowship at the annual congress of the College held in Washington DC in the second week of October.

Meritorious services of Prof Rizvi were recognized in the field surgical sciences and also for playing a pioneering role in the transplant movement of Pakistan.

Honorary Fellowship for the year of 2016 was awarded to five eminent surgeons hailing from various parts of the world who had made extra ordinary contributions in their respective branches of surgery. The globally renowned surgeons who received fellowship were from Australia, Colombia, France and Japan beside Prof Adib Rizvi of Pakistan who earned the singular honor for his country and fraternity of medical practitioners.

In its citation the College recounted the meritorious services rendered by Dr Adib Rizvi by setting up SIUT which not only provides state of the art medical treatment to the people totally free of cost but also one of the growing urological and transplant centers of the region.Citation also lauded the pivotal role which Dr Rizvi has played in his country by bringing a legislation to prohibit commercial transplantation.

The American College of Surgeons established in 1903 is the largest professional organizations of surgeons in the world with 80 thousand members on its roll.