Every human being has the right to access healthcare
Irrespective of cast, color, creed or religious belief
Five-Day International Symposium marked the 40 years celebration of SIUT


Sattar Edhi inaugurates International Symposium

Five day international symposium was organized by SIUT at its premises from 8th-12 December 2015 to mark the acceptance of its 40 year old philosophy which is to provide medical care " FREE WITH DIGNITY". SIUT is practicing this philosophy for last four decades with great success. The corner stone of the philosophy is that health care the basic right of every individual and the person should get the care without any discrimination of cast, color, creed or any religious bias. The service which SIUT is providing to population at large during past forty years is based on unflinching faith to serve the people with zeal, dedication and compassion.
Over hundred delegates from abroad representing various branches of medicine attended the symposium.Prominent among them were some well known personalities of medical profession. A large number of medical doctors from within the country also attended the five day sympsium.Gathering proved to be an unprecedented assembly of medical professionals in the history of Pakistan. Variety of subjects and issues confronted to medical sciences came up for discussion at the symposium.
Inaugurating the moot renowned social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi made a fervent appeal to the society toserve the mankind without any personal gain or benefit.He paid rich tributes to SIUT and its pro people and pro human philosophy that every human being has a right to avail medical care free and without any bias. Complimenting Dr Adib Rizvi for establishing SIUT on a unique philosophy, Edhi said SIUT has turned an utopian thought into a reality.
Prof.Adib Rizvi Director SIUT who gave presentation of Institute's forty years journey said rising inequality between haves and have-nots was the strong reason to adopt the philosophy providing free medical care to the people.
Other speakers who were medical professionals from within the country and abroad greatly lauded the role of SIUT in mitigating the suffering of the masses.They said the example of SIUT needs to be emulated in many parts of the region.
Those who spoke included Dr Khilaf Bille former WHO Representative in Pakistan, Dr Luc Noel former WHO Advisor, Dr Francis Delmonico, Dr Jermy Chapman, Dr Mehmat Haberal and Prof Phillip Ramsley.