Every human being has the right to access healthcare
Irrespective of cast, color, creed or religious belief
Five-Day International Symposium marked the 40 years celebration of SIUT


Deceased organ donation is in accordance with Islam-Experts

Discussing the issue of deceased organ donation was also the part of SIUT's International Symposium celebrating the acceptance of its forty year old philosophy.

Experts representing cross section of society took part in a well attended discussion.They were of the view that organ transplantation is no longer a disputed issue.During the discussion it was informed that religious scholars of the country representing all school of thoughts met in Karachi recently and agreed that per human needs organ transplantation is allowed as ethical, legitimate practice in Islam.Speakers paid glowing tributes to SIUT and its Director Prof.Adib Rizvi who are serving the population at large based on its forty year philosophy which is that health care is the birth right of every individual and they should get the health care without any bias of cast, color, creed or religious belief.The speakers said the corner stone of SIUT's philosophy that people should get treatment FREE WITH DIGNITY" is an example for many to emulate.

Speakers included Mufti Munib-urRehman Chairman Ruet-e-Hilal Committee, Retired Justice Majida Rizvi, Justice Retired Haziq-ul-Khairi, Dr Junaid Ashraf, Dr Sunil Sharoff from India, Dr Faisal Shaheen from Saudi Arabia,Dr Mustafa Al Musawai of Kuwait, Professor Francis Dolminco from the United States and Ms Kishwar Zehri Member of Parliament who played a pivotal role in the passage of organ transplant bill.Prominent journalist Ghazi Salahuddin moderated the discussion.