Past Issues "Bioethics Links"

“Bioethics Links” is a newsletter published in English biannually (January and June of every year) by CBEC and is the only newsletter devoted purely to bioethics in Pakistan. The publication encompasses contemporary themes related to bioethics in Pakistan and also serves to inform the readers about various bioethics events conducted and attended by the faculty across the globe.
Contributors to the newsletter include core faculty, associate and invited faculty, alumni of CBEC programs and scholars who are invited to contribute to the newsletter. 

Find below the entire collection of “Bioethics Links”.

Female Friendships and Pakistani Cinema
Kamran Asdar Ali

A Page in the Life of a Surgeon
Bushra Shirazi

CBEC-KEMRI Bioethics Training Initiative (CK-BTI) in Its Third Year
Aamir Jafarey



Big Data: Surveillance Capitalism and Our Digital Selves
Ibad Kureshi

Artificial Intelligence & Future of Warfare
Muhammad Fayyaz

Ethical Deceased Organ & Tissue Donor Programs and the Role of Transplant Coordinators

CBEC-KEMRI Bioethics Training Initiative (CK-BTI): Testing the test
Aamir Jafarey



What does History have to do with Ethics?
Taymiya R. Zaman

CK-BTI, one year report
Aamir Jafarey

MBE Student's Theses

CBEC graduates PGD students

SIMS Convocation, 2018

CBEC Alumni Snapshot of Bioethics Activities


AKU Bioethics Group Fountainhead for Bioethics in Pakistan
Riffat M. Zaman

Together We Evolve
Nida Wahid Bashir

Bioethics: Shifting Paradigms in Ziauddin University Hospital
Aruna Dawani, Qudsia Hassan, Fasiha Sohail

Bioethics: Where Do We Stand?
Himayat Ullah

CBEC gets a New Home



CBEC-KEMRI Bioethics Training Initiative: My Journey to Bioethics
Elizabeth Bukusi

CBEC goes to Kenya: CK-BTI Bioethics Training Initiative
Aamir Jafarey

Alive like colors
Abeer Salim and Madiha Farhan

Borders: What use?
Asma Nasim

"Urdu Baithak" in CBEC
Nida Wahid Bashir

New academic year begins at CBEC


Bioethics in Pakistan: Finding its Feet in Academia
Aamir Jafarey

Bioethics in India: Activism, Advocacy and Human Rights
Sandhya Srinivasan

The Indian Journal of Medical Ethics: A Brief History of the First 25 Years
Sanjay A. Pai

No Borders for Bioethics
Sualeha Shekhani

International Bioethics Collaborative Conference


Conversations with transgenders of Pakistan
Anika Khan and Farhat Moazam

Hidden Layers
Faisal Rasheed Khan

Celebrating International Women's Day
Rubina Naqvi

Collaborative Workshop, CBEC, Karachi and CBMH, Indonesia

CBEC graduates PGD students, Class of 2016



Emotional Suffering and Psychiatric Diagnosis
Riffat Moazam Zaman

Doctors and Police Interrogation of Detainees
Amar Jesani



Historical Persectives of Muslim Education
Mubarak Ali

Faisal Rashid Khan

16th Asian Bioethics Conference, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines
Shahid Shamim



When Ethics Meets Law in Pakistan
Sualeha Shekhani

A Matter of Trust
Ali Asghar Lanewala

Allah's Will
Asma Nasim

Bioethics goes to school



Drones: Aerial Assasins or Misunderstood Technology?
Raja Sabri Khan

Please Let him go!
Nida Wahid Bashir

CBEC review: Impressions and insights
Aamir Jafarey



Surrogacy in Pakistan: Legal perspectives
Sharmeen Khan

Surrogacy and "third-party" donation in Iran: An overview
Rubina Naqvi

A journey through testing times
Mariam Hasan

International Team reviews CBEC as it turns Ten
Anika Khan



The Drug Industry and Doctors: an Unholy Alliance
Sandhya Srinivasan

"CBEC-SIUT: 'The Bridge' over Troubled Karachi"
Marisa de Andrade

Ethics Videos: A New Frontier for CBEC
Aamir Jafarey

CBEC Conference: "Emerging Ethical Issues"
Anika Khan

Foundation Module for the New Academic Year



Ethics in Context: Case Studies in Pakistan
James Dwyer

Bringing Ethics into Classrooms" - the first workshop for school teachers
Anika Khan

PGD Alumni (Class of 2012) Projects

Academic Programs in Bioethics Commencing January 2014

Selected Publications by CBEC Faculty

CBEC and Bioethics Education: News from the National Front

New Informed Consents for SIUT

CBEC Conference on "Emerging Issues in Bioethics"

Ethics Exam at ZA School of Medical Technology


Islam and Feminism: Opening a New Dialogue
Ziba Mir-Hosseini

Bioethics in Kuala Lumpur
Saima Pervaiz Iqbal

International Association of Bioethics Congress at Rotterdam
Aamir Jafarey

CBEC Forum Meetings (2012)

CBEC Film Productions

KMU Research Ethics Workshop, November 29-30, 2012

Karachi Bioethics Group

I, Malala Yusufzai
Nida Wahid Bashir


Engaging days and ghazal nights: Ethics education in CBEC-SIUT
Mala Ramanathan

Memoirs of the first international MBE student at CBEC
Elizabeth A. Bukusi

Different ways of thinking
S. H. Kolambage

Connecting Shari'a with emerging ethical issues

Unique learning environment in CBEC's teaching module
Shaista Khan

Makkah Clock Tower: "Meray liye mitti ka haram aur bana do"
Faheem Khan

Peshawar Bioethics Group (PBG)
Mumtaz Muhammad

Bioethics for first batch of Master in Health Research program
Aamir Jafarey

Honour for CBEC-SIUT


Bioethics in Pakistan: Foreign seeds in desi soil
Aamir Jafarey

Taking Ethics to a Government Girls' School in Pakistan
Anika Khan

Patients' Perceptions on being used as "Teaching Tools" for Medical Students: A Study from Pakistan
Saima Perwaiz Iqbal

Influence of Culture and Language: Decision-making in Breast Cancer Patients
Bushra Shirazi

"Bioethcs Education Conference, Bangkok", November 9-11, 2011

International Conference at The Leiden University, the Netherlands, December 7-8, 2011

"EMRO-CBEC-PMRC National Workshop on Strengthening Ethical Review Committees", November 17-19, 2011

Research Ethics Workshop at Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore, December 15-16, 2011

Next Academic Year Begins at the Centre of Biomedical Ethics and Culture


The Women's Movement in Pakistan: Promoting a Different Kind of Value
Asma Jehangir

Post-seminar Reflections: Bioethics and Religion?
Farhat Moazam

Research Ethics Workshop, Saidu Sharif, Swat, May 13-14, 2011
Aamir Jafarey

Northern Bypass Flood Relief Camp turns into the Indus Basti
Anika Khan

First Batch of PGD Graduates to be awarded Diplomas from the Sindh Institute of Medical Sciences

Selection begins for next Batch of Students in CBEC's Programs Academic Year Commences January 2012

CBEC Research Ethics Workshop


Northern Bypass Camp: In the Wake of the Floods
Anika Khan*

Blasphemy Chronicles
Sharmeen Khan*

CBEC goes to India! The Third National Bioethics Conference, New Delhi, November 17 to 20, 2010
Mariam Hasan*

Zehra Nigah connests Poetry and Ethics

Dr. Fox and Dr. Swazey "visit" CBEC

Recent (Selected) Internatiional Presentations by CBEC Faculty

CBEC International Bioethics Seminar, March 14 to 17, 2011


On Democracy in Pakistan
I. A. Rehman*

Different Moral Worlds
Saima Iqbal, Bushra Shirazi, Anika Khan, Aamir Jafarey*

Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan dismisses petition against Transplantation of Organs and Tissues Law
Farhat Moazam*

Standby: Camera, Action!
Aamir M. Jafarey*

KBG Develops Ethical Guidelines for Physician Pharmaceutical Interactions
Nida Wahid Bashir*

Volume No. 5, Issue No 2 (December 2009)

Reflections on a Visit to Karachi: A Small World, After All

Paul A. Lombardo*

The Hidden Jewel that is CBEC
Humza Aasim Yusuf*

Finding Hope in Unexpected Places

Saamia Noorali*

CBEC Launches Masters in Bioethics (MBE) Program

PGD Class of 2010

NA unanimously Passes Transplant Bill

PGD Alumni Publications

Volume No. 5, Issue No 1 (June 2009)

Research and Ethics: Partners not Adversaries
Athula Samutipala*

CBEC's Alumni go to Tehran
Yasmin Wajahat*

Birth of a Bioethics Group in Ziauddin University, Karachi
Nausheen Saeed*

PGD Alumni bring Bioethics to Medical Technologists in Karachi
Moinuddin Siddiqui*

CBEC Announces Academic Program Commencing November, 2009

Recent CBEC publication in the Hastings Centre Report

A Journey of Centuries: By Ada Jafarey

Volume No. 4, Issue No 2 (December 2008)
Peeping into Minds: Unethical Application of Science, Collusion of Health Professionals
Amar Jesani*

Academic Plagiarism: Ignorance or Malice?
Bushra Shirazi*

The Physician-Pharma Nexus: an Unholy Alliance?
Aamir Jafarey*

Upcoming Bioethics Conferences

CBEC: Recent International Activities

Volume No. 4, Issue No 1 (June 2008)
Sahin Aksoy*

Building Networks: The Karachi Bioethics Group
Nida Wahid Bashir *

CBEC hosts MRPS Meeting

World Congress of Bioethics

Asian Bioethics Conference

CBEC Graduates: Success Stories
Aamir Jafarey *

Istanbul Summit on Organ Trafficking, Tourism and Commerce
April 30 to May 2, 2008

Asian Task Force on Organ Trafficking in Asia Submits Report

Volume No. 3, Issue No 2 (Dec 2007)

Nadia's Dream. Will it Come True?
Zubeida Mustafa

Distance Learning Component, CBEC's Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Biomedical Ethics
" Cyber Talk"

My Trial
Translation of Perveen Shakir's Poetry

Farhat Moazam Elected Fellow of The Hastings Centre, USA

Recent International Links

Presentations by Graduates of PGD, Class of 2006

Publications and Presentations by Students of PGD, Class of 2007

CBEC's Postgraduate Diploma in Biomedical Ethics, Class of 2008

Volume No. 3, Issue No 1 (May 2007)
Reflections on Our Mind Set
Manzoor Ahmed*
Battling Kidney Trade in Pakistan: The Struggle Continues
Farhat Moazam*
The First 14 Healthcare Professionals in Pakistan receive Diplomas in Biomedical Ethics
Aamir Jafarey*
SIUT's Volunteer Program for School Children

PGD Graduates of 2006 and their Ethics Projects

Eighth Asian Bioethics Conference, Thailand, Bangkok

PGD Class 2007

Volume No. 2, Issue No 2 (October 2006)

Teaching Ethics through the Arts
Amber Romasa Nagori*

"Too Little for Too Few": Dilemmas of Treating HIV/AIDS in South Africa
Renee C. Fox*

Cricket and Ethics
Saad Shafqat*
"Muslim Voices from the East Mediterranean Region" at The 8th Congress, International Association of Bioethics (IAB), Beijing, China (August 4-9, 2006 )
Farhat Moazam*

Recent CBEC Faculty Publications

Volume No. 2, Issue No 1 (May 2006)

"The Class of 2006 ", An Interim Report
Aamir Jafarey*

PGD Student Assignments " Vani in True Perspective", A Critique
Inayat Ullah Memon*

PGD Web Discussions

"School Girl Loses Legal Battle"


"Conflict between Conscience and Job Obligation"

"Suicide Bombing"

"Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer"

"Religious Education For Children"

"FDA Dismisses Medical Benefit from Marijuana"

"65 km at 5; Isn't this child abuse?"

Dr. Faisal Ghani Siddiqui
gives the first lecture on Biomedical Ethics at LUMHS, Hyderabad

Mr. Abdul Ghani takes Bioethics to PTV Bolan, Balochistan

Volume No. 1, Issue No 3 (December 2005)

Familiar Battles for Bioethics: Facing off over Transplantation
Paul A. Lombardo*

Kidney Trade and Transplant Tourism: Pakistan, the Emerging Leader
Farhat Moazam*

Cadaveric Organ Donation and the Role of Family
Alireza Bagheri*

Volume No. 1, Issue No 2 (August 2005)

CBEC Activity Report (2005-2006)
Aamir Jafarey*

National Academy of Sciences, USA: Guidelines for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Farhat Moazam*

Islamic Perspectives on Abortion
Farhat Moazam*

Legal Aspects of Abortion: An International Overview
Sharmeen Ali Khan*

Volume No. 1, Issue No 1 (April 2005)
About CBEC
Farhat Moazam*
"Foundations of Moral Thought: from the Greeks to Contemporary Bioethics." First International Seminar and Intensive Course
International Conference, IOMS, Cairo. “Islamic Code for Medical and Health Ethics”
Farhat Moazam*
International Conference, GFBR, Malawi. “Sixth Global Forum for Bioethics in Research”
Aamir Jafarey*
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